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OOTM: My favourite outfits of May 2014


Het is alweer de laatste zondag van de maand, dus tijd voor het Outfit of the Month artikeltje! Deze maand was het alweer lekkerder weer als de maand ervoor, dus meer lentekleding. Hieronder mijn 3 favo outfits van deze maand πŸ™‚

It’s the last Sunday of the month already, so time of the Outifit of the Month post! This month, the weather was nicer than the month before, so I wore more spring clothes. Below, you can see my 3 favourite outfits of this month πŸ™‚

Casual chic

-Blouse: New Look (can’t remember price, was cheap)
-Necklace: New Look, €7 or €8
-Jeans: New Look (same as blouse)
-Sandals: (at least five years or more old, so I have no clue)

Blue and black

-Blouse: New Look (same as in above outfit)
-Belt: H&M, €5
-Necklace: Ebay, less than €1
-Earrings: Claire’s, about €6
-Skirt: New Look, €15 to €20
-Shoes: New Look, €40

Don’t know what I was doing with my face πŸ˜›

-Dress: Ebay, about €7
-Belt: Ebay, about €1,50
-Necklace: (don’t know, actually my mom’s and she’s had it for ages)
-Shoes: Hobbs, about €50


3 thoughts on “OOTM: My favourite outfits of May 2014

  1. It’s obvious why they’re favourite of yours. πŸ™‚
    I am in love with the blue floaty skirt.

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